Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

St. Andrew’s, Martintown is a vibrant, intergenerational congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Canada which exists to give glory to God in Jesus Christ. We are committed to a three-fold vision: welcomingprepared and serving.

Welcoming: We reflect the hospitality of Christ to all.

Prepared: Our focus is on the spiritual journey which every person travels. We seek to provide the resources that are needed so each person can become all that God wants that person to be.

Serving: We acknowledge that all Christians are called to use the gifts and talents that God has given so that we can make a difference in God’s world.

Mission Statement

As Presbyterians, we believe that we are the hands of Christ in this world and that we are ever guided by the Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to invite all people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the church, joyfully celebrating God’s love and reaching out to the world in mission with love and compassion.

We are a small country church with a big country heart.